Jaida Hernandez-Howard

senior signing out


You may see her throwing strikes from the mound, in the student section at football games, or just walking around the hallways with her headphones in. Meet one of the seniors that are graduating this May, Jaida Hernandez-Howard.

Howard has been at East High School since her freshman year and despite the struggles she faced throughout her years here, she will be moving on after graduation. Howard spent her years of school at Brubaker Elementary, Hoyt Middle School and East High School
Howard is the oldest of four kids, two younger sisters and a younger brother. During high school she had a challenging time staying motivated and getting everything done in school.
Howard states that her four years at East High have been a crazy experience. Howard says that she can only put her high school experience into one word and that is “crazy.”

The one thing keeping her motivated to graduate is being the first one in her family to graduate.
“Being the first high school graduate of the family is the biggest thing keeping me motivated,” Hernandez-Howard said.

Howard has some big plans for when she graduates and that includes going into real estate and then later going into cosmetology. Howard is going to miss the East community when she graduates. She is going to miss everyone in the community. “I’m going to miss the people, my community, I love each and every single person at East with my whole heart,” Howard said.

Howard is getting ready to graduate and wishes she would have gotten more involved in the events that have happened here. Including going to football games, standing in the student sections, participating in spirit week and a lot more.
Howard has one message for her family and friends who have been there for her throughout her years and who have supported her every step of the way and never gave up on her.

“I appreciate every single one of you, all of you guys motivated me. I cannot express how much I love every single one of you guys,” Hernandez-Howard said.

Howard has a unique personality and really cares for the people in her family and friends more than she cares about herself.
“She’s very caring, puts people before herself, will do anything for her siblings and family in general, she supports her family more than she supports herself and she will go out of her way to do whatever for her family,” younger sister Lohna Hernandez-Howard said.

“Jaida is very determined, if she knows what she wants she’s going to work to get it and she’s just sweet and will always make sure everyone is okay and doing well,” Mo Purdy said.