“Coraline” is a must if you love stop motion movies

Jaitreana White

Do you like movies that are a bit odd, strange and might make some a bit uncomfortable in the best way but also funny and will have you on the edge of your seat? Watch “coraline” the movie coraline came out in 2009. I loved this movie and let me tell you why I love it so much and what had to be done to make this amazing movie. First the director is Henry Selick (another one of his popular movies that you might now is The Nightmare before Christmas).

The voice actors of coraline are Dakota Fanning voicing “Coraline” Jones, Teri Hatcher voicing Mel Jones (Coraline’s Mom), and John Hodgman voicing Charlie Jones (Coraline’s Dad. The movie company of coraline is Laika Entertainment and the movie length is 1 hour and 40 minutes. The cost of this film was $15 million and took a little over four years to make. Some fun facts about “Coraline” are “Coraline’s” voice actress was nine when she started recording her and 14-15 when she stopped and, in the process, she has to eventually make her voice higher on purpose so she could match the pitch to when she was nine. Another fact is that Coraline is a stop motion movie (if you don’t know what stop motion is it’s when they movie the character record, move the character again then record, and so on. The story line of “Coraline”: “Coraline” and her parents Mel and Charlie move to a new duplex. That day as “Coraline” is cleaning and moving in boxes she discovers a little door that leads to what she thinks is a crawl space but when her mom opens it, it’s all bricked up…. Until that night coraline opens it again and there is the crawl space to the other world. There she them meets her OTHER mom and her OTHER dad. Some things happen and her OTHER mother isn’t all who she says she is.  My rating on this movie is a 9/10 because there’s so many questions, I have that I never got from the movie, I really love this animation and the time they put into it, and there is a book called coraline that was published in 2002.

I recommend ages 10 and up to watch this movie just because it can be disturbing at times even though this movie isn’t so much “scary” it’s just odd and might make the wrong audience uncomfortable as in younger viewers. Overall, this is a very good movie if you’re looking for something odd, Strange, and even funny. Just remember the next time you find a crawl space in your house leave it alone… or you might end up like Coraline