Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Beverly Gillard


Beginning high school can be thrilling, stressful, and overwhelming at times. It’s also a suitable time to get out and explore, try new things, and make the most of your opportunities. Here are five pointers to help you get started to a good start in high school.

Tip 1: Find Your Specialties. You have more freedom now that you’re older in terms of how you spend your time. Look for groups and activities that are like your passions. Don’t know where to begin? Try out several clubs. Joining different clubs and taking part in different activities can allow you to meet new individuals who share your interests. It will also aid you in improving your area that most corresponds with your interests, talents, and desired career path. This might help you focus on your academic and professional goals. Madeline Cano, MPA Community School Coordinator in the front office can help you find clubs. East High School has so many different options you can choose from involving sports and after-school clubs. Our sports range from Soccer, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, and Golf. Our clubs range from, Student Government, Chess, GSA, Silver Cord, and Anime.

Tip 2: Experiment with New Opportunities. The first year is an excellent opportunity to try new things. While every year is important, the stakes are lower this year than in previous years of high school. Try something out even if you’re not sure if you’ll like it. You can always pare down your to-do list later. Examine your possibilities in this area if you have a choice in what courses to take. For example, you might be interested in a particular elective. Consider getting a job or doing an internship to gain real-world experience early on.

Tip 3: Organize Yourself. You may have heard that your grades don’t count this year, but this isn’t the case. While it is true that colleges will not pay as much attention to this year as they will to previous years, you should begin studying and working today. You’ll be in better shape later if you do it this way. Being organized will also help you manage your stress, according to suggestions on creating effective studying and organization habits. To stay on top of everything you need to do, consider using planners and calendars.

Tip 4: Make the most of your support systems. Ask for help from your parents, instructors, guidance counselor, older pupils, and even peers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talking to someone for support and guidance can be beneficial. Spend some time getting to know your teachers. You’ll probably have more than you did in middle school, and your teachers will have many students. Developing relationships with your teachers can be a valuable addition to your support system because it provides you with another source of academic assistance. It’s also important to establish a relationship with your guidance counselor. During the summer, before the school year, you should get an email with your schedule and your counselor. Your counselor is picked based on your last name. The counselor’s office is located on the second floor, next to the senior benches and West doors; you shouldn’t miss them. Trying to introduce yourself and check in regularly so that your guidance counselor can get to know who you are, is very helpful for the future. Setting up an appointment is very simple, once you get your counselor’s name and information you could send them an email to set up an appointment.

Tip 5: Consider the Future. It’s never too early to start planning for college. Of course, you don’t have to start filling out applications right away, but you should start making plans. Consider the steps you’ll need to take to reach these objectives.

To summarize, High school will be difficult, but make the most of the opportunities it presents. Take your time and establish a strategy for achieving your goals. While you’ll face obstacles along the way, having a strategy, trying new things, and relying on your support system can help you manage your time effectively and prepare for the future.


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