Lacy Anderson says goodbye to East High

A true East sider is saying farewell to her job at East High

Jaitreana White, Staffers

You walk into 3030S at East High School, and are immediately greeted with a bright smile and a charismatic comment. The room is filled with life as students chat and check out the plan for the day’s class. But, this is something that students won’t experience next year, as long time East teacher and alumni Lacy Anderson will be leaving East High School at the end of the school year.
Not only does Anderson teach at East, she is involved in the prom committee, plans senior breakfast and develops close relationships with her students and their families. She loves all of these aspects of her job, but there is one aspect she doesn’t.
“To be honest, the new curriculum that the district purchased for the English classes was a big factor in deciding to leave teaching. There is a big disconnect between the people making decisions at the district level and the students/teachers in DMPS. I feel as though the money the district is spending on curriculum that does not foster high student achievement could be used for a number of things to improve the safety, culture, climate and community within DMPS,” Anderson said.
Anderson cares about her students a lot, just as much as they care for her.
“She is different from other teachers because she doesn’t just teach her class, she cares about each of her students and takes the time to get to know them and checks on how they are doing. She is a very sweet person and is very understandable when it comes to having problems in your life and she is going through a lot outside of schools but always has a big smile on her face and has high energy no matter what,” junior Tabby Hochmuth said.
Now that Anderson will be leaving, she will have so much more time for the other factors within her life that are very important to her like her family.
“I have two children. My son Uriah is 12 and my daughter Rorie is 10. They are night and day from one another. My son loves gaming, football, and eating. He is like a sponge when it comes to memorizing facts. He randomly tells me sports facts and facts about different recipes he reads about. He loves cooking and will probably be a sportscaster one day or a chef. My daughter loves playing softball, shopping, and spending time with her friends. She is my social butterfly that makes Tik Toks and acts embarrassed to be with me most of the time,” Anderson said
While she has her own family and is raising her two children through their childhood, she too had her own childhood with lots a great memories.
“My childhood was typical to most people. I grew up on the east side of DSM with my parents and two sisters. When I was almost 10, my younger sister was born and stole the role of the baby of the family,” Anderson said.
Some of Anderson’s best memories were made with her family at the racetrack.
“I spent many years watching my dad drag race in Eddyville, Iowa. As we got older and had our own interests, us girls played tournament softball, so mom traveled with us around the state to play ball,” Anderson said.
Anderson was born and raised on the east side, and she loves it. She represents her east side pride all day everyday.
“We lived in the same house on E 22nd throughout my school years, which allowed me to attend EHS. I am a proud Scarlet Alumni. I met my husband while walking the halls at dear ole’ East High,” Anderson said
“I am thankful for my time and experiences at East High School and never thought I’d be leaving before retirement. Unless I won the lottery, I am not sure about my future endeavors but will continue to support EHS as an alumni. Red and black to you I will be true,” Anderson said.