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    Presidential Ad Review

    Hey you! Yeah, you! Are you tired of seeing the same old presidential campaign ads interrupting your You Tube videos day after day? Are you looking for some overly critical teenager’s opinions on political ads with too much time on his hands? Then this is the article for you.

    Current President Joe Bidens ad: Flag

    Biden attempts at using the American flag to represent the human rights his opposition wants to take away. The rights they’ve attempted to take away includes, the overturning of Roe v Wade, book bans, and overturning elections. He also makes a lot of blanket statements which all boil down to improving the lives of American citizens. The main downfall is the lack of agency or a plan, He’s too focused on using trigger words instead of making an actual plan or goal. However, unlike some of the other candidates he was already president so for better or for worse he does not have anonymity everyone already knows what he’s going to do. Rating 6/10 While this ad suffers from the same problems all the other ads do Biden has already been in office so everyone knows his goals and what he wants to achieve.

    Vivek Ramaswamy’s ad: Identity Crisis

    Ramaswamy depicts Americas current state as an identity crisis by listing all the things that he believes the current generation cares about that he doesn’t think are important values to have such as, “woke ness, gender ideology, and a climate cult”. because the values he holds of patriotism, religion, and physical labor aren’t values he thinks the current generation shares and believes. Setting his goals as someone who wants to change the goals of the current generation. I believe this ideology is alienating Ramaswamy from the youth vote, as well as his proposition of a new policy attempting to raise the legal voting age to 25. This one proposition has done nothing but isolate him from a major demographic also known as the youth vote.

    The only thing he does in this ad is isolate the youth vote but that’s better than nothing, I guess. To be honest the only people I see voting for him are that one uncle at thanksgiving that makes everyone really uncomfortable.

    Former President
    Donald J Trumps ad: Wolves

    Trump surrounds himself in wolf imagery to paint a picture of Trump that he’s a lone wolf. The lone part is especially important as a clear last-ditch attempt to salvage his image by trying to make him look like a victim of the “woke left”. The wolf part makes him seem like a strong underdog who lost everything and is still managing to thrive in a world attempting to dim his light. Overall, this is an ad using the pop culture view of a lone wolf to make its subject look like an underdog hero. (A strange narrative to paint for a man with a net worth of 2.5 billion USD).

    Rating 3/10
    This ad attempts to change trumps negative image. He’s trying to both paint himself as a victim and a victor, and like everyone else who has tried and failed to paint this narrative he comes off as neither.

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