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    Why East is so non-traditional

    How does East compare to other schools?

    My name is Emanuel Solis. You may have seen me around or you may not have, but in the past couple of years I have had my fair share of moving. Throughout all of my high school experiences, East High School has stuck out to me the most. I’ve noticed the nontraditional take that East has on the high school experience. I believe that we should discuss the impact this has on students and whether it’s positive or not.

    Open Campus

    East allows students to freely enter and exit the building. I believe this gives students a level of freedom and independence which can really help students transition into adulthood. Although many concerns may arise regarding safety and attendance, I really believe that these issues can also be seen as positives because they can help students learn to be self-managing. Students who exploit this perk are the ones who will suffer the consequences which can affect future opportunities for things such as college and scholarships.

    SRG Grading

    Compared to schools like Waukee and Baldwin Park, California which use the standard grading system, East uses the SRG grading system which allows students to reassess until they show proficiency. I believe that SRG benefits students more than the standard grading system because students will not always be able to pick up on concepts the first time around, but this does not mean that their grade should suffer because of it. The reassessment aspect of SRG helps students try again and really learn the topic learn. SRG definitely promotes educational growth.

    No homework/ Finals

    While homework and Finals are something that students dread, East doesn’t give students either of these. Though East teachers can offer homework, students typically do not receive any. I believe this has its own set of pros and cons. I firmly believe that finals do not serve any purpose for students. The students final grade should be a indication of what they have learned throughout year. Now while many student will definitely disagree with me on this I believe homework is necessary for students especially for those who plan to go into college. Homework takes up a large majority of students time and I believe East fails to prepare students for that.

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