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    Waxing like the goddess you are

    Have you been wanting to ditch the razor and start self-waxing, but you have no idea where to start or what items to get? Here is all the information you need to start your self-waxing journey and hopefully you’ll have those silky-smooth end results you’re looking for.

    Soft Wax: Soft wax is either cream or resin based and can also come in the form of wax beads or roll on wax. Whichever method you choose to use, it should always be applied with waxing strips (wax paper). You might hear some people call this strip waxing. Strip waxing is when you lay the wax down and instead of just ripping it off with your hands, you use a clean unused waxing strip/wax paper. First you lay the wax in the direction the hair is growing that way it can grab all the hairs you are trying to capture, then right on top, lay down the wax strip while the wax on your skin is still hot, lastly rip it off against the hair growth for that clean and smooth skin. You can buy soft wax anywhere, but I really love the roll-on wax by the company Creip on Amazon. There is a starter kit in their store on Amazon that I got that comes with one wax roller warmer, 100 hair removal wax strips, six after wax treatment pads, one honey roller wax cartridge, and one lavender roller wax cartridge. The honey one is my personal favorite.
    Hard wax: Hard wax is very different from soft wax because unlike soft wax, where you must use a waxing strip, you just rip it off with your hand but apply the same as soft wax. Also, unlike soft wax, which is made from resin, hard wax is mostly made of beeswax and rosin.
    Hair removal strips/ pre waxed strips: This is exactly what it sounds like, these are when the wax is already on the wax paper and all you must do is place it in between the palms of your hands, rub your hands together, then peel, it’s that easy. This is normally recommended for people just starting out and just wanting to wax their upper lip, eyebrows, etc. Also, it can be used on larger areas like legs, armpits etc.
    Sugar wax: If you want a more of an “organic” way to wax or just something you can make in your house with the things you have? Yes, sugar wax is homemade. These are the steps.
    Step 1: Place a pot on the stove (the sized of the pot depends on how much wax you would like to make).Step 2: Add white sugar, lemon juice, and warm water to the pot. Step 3: Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Step 4: Reduce the heat to medium after boiling. Step 5: Remove the heat when the mixture turns golden brown. Step 6: Allow to cool/ harden before applying to skin. Step 7: Now, you’ve just made sugar wax!

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