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Suggestions for improvements for student government

As we look towards the next school year, these changes need to be made

Student government is a group of students elected by their peers to represent the student body during the school year. These students’ goal is to act on changes suggested to improve the students’ experience at East. These students are supposed to be the voice of students, but I am a student, and my voice is not heard.
Elections are not being done professionally, advertising needs more work, bribes are being done to win. All around, intentions are not good and there needs to be a change.
For the Service of Humanity. This is the East High motto. Every year here at East, we try to do a community night. We do this to bring the East side together. We provide cookie stands, food trucks, bouncy houses, etc. Community night has been successful, but I feel like we need more consideration. The food trucks were way too expensive and not everyone can afford the food.

Often, I feel people go into it for popularity or something to put on their resume, and for that I don’t place judgement, but feel that in order to have a successful student government the motivations have to go beyond that.

— Raegan Park

Remember, we are all here to achieve the same thing. Graduation. Everyone should participate, everyone should feel like they can speak their mind. Having an open mind in such a diverse community is important because we should all feel included and seen.
Communication is lacking big time. There should be more open discussions, more clarifications about what it means to be a part of student government. What is the role of being a junior senator? What is the job? These should be questions asked and answered.
A successful student government organization should be based on loyalty and trust. Keep your promises. While trying to get elected it is so easy to say something promising then not act on it. People lose faith when they see changes aren’t being made. We expect our leaders to keep their word.
Sadly, many student governments in high school have become a popularity contest, which creates a bias and nonprofessional environment.
In order to improve student government here is what needs to be done.
East should hold an assembly to allow these students to speak and advocate for what they want to change at the school and let the audience judge.
If you are running for student government next year, instead of bribing freshmen with candy to vote for you, make real connections with them and earn the vote. Don’t run for fun.
If you’re voting for student government don’t just vote for who your friends choose or for who is the prettiest. Trust your own judgment, voting should be a personal choice. The best person for the job isn’t always the one who gives you candy.

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