Students head back to school, but what about sports?

Rogelio Alvarado and

It’s a 75-degree Friday night, the stadium lights are so strong its blinding. You can hear the chaos happening in the stands. Adrenaline is rushing through your body, filling you with nervousness and excitement. Once the whistle blows everything just goes awayyou are in your own little word for 90 minutes. This is the buildup moments before a soccer match begins 

Since COVID-19 hit the United States, schools across the country shut down in order to stop and contain the virus. Schools are struggling to re-open to continue in person education due to safety concernsHere in Des Moines, the Des Moines Public Schools just recently came to the agreement with the State to send more students to in person classes. But where does that leave Spring Soccer? 

The clearest answer is, we do not know, it all depends on a lot of things. Most importantly how effective the hybrid schedule turns out. Here is what an East Soccer player hopes will happen to soccer in the spring.  

“To be honest, soccer academies here in Iowa are doing great job on continuing the sport, while at the same time keeping it safe. But regarding East Soccer in the spring, I do hope we get to play our soccer season here at East, it’s something me and some other players always look forward too. It’s part of the high school experience, but we got to keep in mind the fact that safety should be the number one priority,” sophomore Manuel Sanchez said.  

As of right now, since elementary and middle schools are steadily and slowly getting into the hybrid model, with high schoolers about to start, so for those who are hopeful to have a soccer season, know it is very possible.  

I’ve always thought of soccer to be my escape. It brings joy and healthy excitement to everyone. It’ll be disappointing not to have a season, but with how serious the situation is, it’ll be understandable either way,” sophomore Brandon Vasquez said.