Meet East High’s New Administrators


Shukri Abdirahman, Copy Editor

If you’ve been looking for a high energy, supportive, and fun admin, look no further than East’s new administrators, William Crosby and Steven Leib.

“I love the community, I love the support that students give one another especially at the football games,” Crosby said.

Mr. Crosby is an associate principal at East High School. He oversees multiple departments including math, and family consumer science. His focus is ninth and tenth graders, but he works with anyone who needs support.
Crosby has worked at many different schools, but he originally started his teaching career here at East, which is why he is excited to be back. He first had a behavior interventionist job at East and then went to North to do the same. He went to Brody Middle School to be a School Improvement Leader and then transferred to Goodrell for four years. This is his tenth year being an administrator. He loves it here, there are seniors now at East who he taught when they were eighth graders.

“I’ll always be there to support any student who comes to me for anything,” Crosby said.
He loves spending time with his family and their dogs. He enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, going on adventures, watching football, and reading. He has three kids. A 14 year old son who plays baseball, and a 13 year old daughter who plays volleyball, and track and field. He also has an eight year old son who is a swimmer.

He has a bachelor’s degree from UNI in science education. He got a masters from Iowa State in administration. And last year he went back to school and is currently working on his doctorate from Drake University to potentially become a superintendent.

“I love everything about East High School. I cannot express how excited I am to be part of the Scarlet family again,” Crosby said.

Steven Leib is one of the new associate principals at East High this year. He went to Drake and has a double major in English and secondary education. He also attended Viterbo University and got a specialist degree and master’s in education. Most recently, he earned a master’s in Educational Leadership.

“I chose East for a fresh step in a new direction. I love it here,” Leib said.

He really appreciates the diversity of his team and the teachers he serves, specifically how they all think differently from each other and have different skill sets, yet they all work towards the same goal of leading our learning community. Although school is important to Leib, he values most the time with his family.

“I really enjoy being outside. My family and I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and biking. I also really enjoy playing guitar and doing home improvement projects with my boys,” Leib said.

Leib has a wife, Kristel, two boys, Hayden and Bennett and a little girl named Amelia. Hayden is 11 years old and he loves drawing and music. Bennett is nine and loves fixing things. His three-year-old daughter Amelia loves to wrestle and play with Barbies.

He also really likes to help others grow. He is very appreciative of his parents. They are both intelligent, but never attended college – they’ve sacrificed so much for him and his three sisters to attend college. In turn, he loves to be of service to others and see them successful at what they do best.

“I’m excited to get to know the students and teachers this year. As a new challenge, I’m also looking forward to working with seniors as their senior advisor,” Leib said.