Mu Klay

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ChristBer Moo

A daughter, sister, best friend, East High senior, sweet, kind, gentle and reliable these all describe Mu Klay. An important part of Klay’s identity is her ethnic background. “I’m K’nyaw or some people know it as Karen (kuh-ren), and my favorite thing about it has to be the traditional dance and clothing,” With her friends, Klay usually goes out with her friends or doing fun activities. “We usually hangout at stores, eat out, or hangout at our house to watch movies or cook together,” And when she is alone, having time to herself, she enjoys these activities. “Watching anime/kdramas, painting, cooking,” Klay said. Klay was asked who her biggest inspiration is, she answers passionately and confidently. “My parents, because they’ve showed me what hard work can get me because we came to America with barely enough money and now we can proudly say our lives have drastically improved since,” After high school Klay decides to go to college, she wants to major dentistry. Her plan is to do her gen ed, doing pre dental, then getting her bachelors in science. “I’m going to DMACC then transfer to University of Iowa,” Klay’s friends were asked what they thought about her. “I think you’re very smart, sweet, you look out for people, you give some good tips and very understanding, helpful and very friendly you seem to get along with everyone around. You have like good energy and vibe,” said Janesha Subba. “Well, my first thought was she’s so pretty and because I didn’t know you yet I thought you were one of the pretty mean girls but as I got to know you more I loved how understanding, caring, intelligent, funny you are. I think I wouldn’t have been able to get through a lot of things without you, you are a very amazing friend, so close that I feel the safest with you, my safe place.” said Daisy Melendez.