What is Senior Workshop?


Salu Lee

Have you ever wondered what you’re going to do with your life after high school? Without a proper plan, you could be left feeling worried, unsure, or even stressed thinking about what you want to do with your life. But worry no further, with the help of senior workshop, you will be leaving high school feeling prepared and ready for life in college.

Senior workshop is a place for seniors to start their post-secondary plan. This could include colleges, trade schools, or jobs. If you are wondering where senior workshop is, it should be found with your counselor, in the counseling office near the red wall and benches on the second floor of the main building. They are open to any seniors on Wednesday during first and eighth period.

“Senior workshop basically started as a time for students to start their post-secondary plan for their college, trade school, jobs, or any other post-secondary plan after high school,” counselor Ryan Bracken said.
“It helped me prepare by getting my scholarship due and college, and it helps getting due of the things I would have to do outside school alone,” senior Falis Aden said.

Senior workshop is also known for inviting employers from programs and companies. These employers have helped students get an idea of what types of jobs are out there and if they should apply to these companies. There are also lots of scholarships that senior workshop can help with and even military recruitment.

“When we have guest come, they are available for the students; able to help the upperclassmen, and eventually help the lower-class men,” Bracken said.

If you are a junior or going to be a junior, you can also participate in junior workshop. In junior workshop, the counselors help you decide what career you want to pursue. This will help you prepare for senior workshop, and guarantee you get your desired career.

“It helped me get information that let me narrow down my choices of what I wanted to do after high school, this helped me make sure that when I came to the senior workshops the next year, I would know what to spend my time on,” senior Moises Gonzalez-Garcia said.

Answered questions from counselors and seniors about senior workshop: 

“Will senior workshop continue next year?”

“Yes absolutely, there will be senior workshops and junior workshops open,” Bracken said.

“How has senior workshop helped seniors prepare for college?”

“I definitely think it’s helped create a routine during school, to help students prepare for programs, and also invite employers to come to east,” Bracken said.

“Senior workshop has helped me know more about the thing I like and what I would like to be in the future. When I first started going to Senior workshop, I didn’t know what I would like to choose for my career or what college would be best for me to go to, and now I know and have learned more about the opportunities that we have as a student’s, we just need to go for it,” senior Antonia Alvarado Amaya said.

“I like senior workshop because it really helped me find out what kind of college I want to go to and to help with my FASFA, it also helped me know what I wanted to do after high school and to prepare myself financially,” senior Alberto Perez-Roque Jr. said.

“How and when did the senior workshop start?”

“Senior workshop started last year because students didn’t have the face-to-face interaction to help with college, finical aid, scholarships, or jobs. Students really benefited from senior workshop, and we choose to continue it,” Bracken said.

Do you recommend senior workshops?

“I highly recommend going to senior workshops because they are helpful to everyone even if you’re not going to college, they can help you find the right path for you like trade school, military recruitment, or even a job path directly after high school,” senior Kinsley Kain said.

“I do recommend the workshop 100 percent because it a place where you find other seniors who need the same help as you and it gives you time to work on applications that you need help filling out it is really helpful since the resources you need are just all around you in one place,” senior Galilea Lechuga-Barragan said.

“I like the environment there because I know a lot of the seniors there so it’s pretty comfortable and the counselors as well,” senior Aaron Luong said.