Sweet Magnolias (2020) skip it or stream it

Shukri Abdirahman

The  first time I ever binge watched  a series in a day was when I watched a show my best friend recommended to me. “Sweet Magnolias” is a show on Netflix. It is about three best friends who live in a small town named Serenity. They go through so much together and overcome a lot. They raise their kids together and overall; they are a prime example of true friendship. The series was light, romantic, and heartwarming. However, there was nothing heartwarming about Maddie Townsend’s life since her marriage broke up. Maddie and her now ex-husband have three kids. Athletic and outgoing Tyler, their jokester Kyle, and their baby sister Katie. They were Serenity’s “perfect family” until Maddie found out her husband, Bill Townsend had an affair, which broke their family. The series shows how the divorce affected them as well as their kids. “Sweet Magnolias” is based on a  book series written by Sherryl Woods. The series has over ten  books, each focusing on a different character’s life and the struggles that they face.

My favorite character is Kyle, because he is kind, respectful and genuine, and he just gives off good vibes. I also love how Maddie, and her two best friends, Helen, and Dana Sue have this saying “pour it out.” When one of them is having a problem and they need to talk they say, “I need to pour it out,” and their friends are there. All three of them meet up somewhere, have margaritas and talk about the business they are starting together, and all the drama and problems in their lives.  I like this show because it can be relatable for many people. It just shows how they live their lives which includes juggling kids with careers and making room for some romance. I watched it out of boredom during quarantine, and it was the perfect show to watch for entertainment and to past some time. The suspense from the last episode of the first season has me on the side of my chair, and I cannot wait for the second season.

“Sweet Magnolias” is a show that you do not want to miss. When it comes down to whether you should “stream it” or “skip it,” you should definitely stream it. The series just shows that there can be a greater outcome even when things get tough. It came out in the summer of 2020 and it is finally being renewed for a second season. Watching the first few episode just made me want to keep clicking “next episode,” and so I did. On the last episode of the season we were left off with a big cliffhanger. Which is why you will be more than excited for the next season coming out in spring 2021. “Sweet Magnolias” is a must watch, especially if you have watch shows like “Virgin River,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Hart of Dixie.” They are all similar to it in some way. If you like woman-led dramas that are based on a series of romance novels, “Sweet Magnolias” is a great choice.